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Learn what you’ll need to get started with beekeeping and what time of year you’ll need to acquire your bees.

The Role of Each Bee in the Hive and Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

The basics of beekeeping – learn the role of each bee in the hive and the life cycle of a honey bee so you can help increase the population of bees in your beehives.

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Increase Your Bee Population With Flour as a Pollen Substitute in the Spring

Small hive beetles like pollen patties just as much as the bees do so you can actually use flour as a substitute to feed your bees in the spring and increase your honeybee population.

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How Do You Know When to Add Another Super to Your Bee Hives?

New beekeepers often ask when they should add another box to their bee hive. Learn how to figure out when you should add more supers to a hive and why you should never add more than one at a time.

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How to Resurrect a Dead Bee Hive

This bee hive was left to the beetles and wax moths over a year ago, but you can learn how to revive and resurrect a long dead hive.

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